Cheerio Loves!

Smashing holiday in London!   More soon, long flight – quite zonked. Cheers! (Look Mom, I can speak British!)   me, in front of parliament

London Eye

The view from the London Eye at sunset was lovely….  the ferris wheel thames river     eye from above     parliament   liane and me

Around London

attempting to punch policeman outside of buckingham palace.      westminister abbey was closed again.  (it was also closed the last time i was in london.)  fortunately, i was able to get in early monday before my flight.  the poets’ corner was my favorite.     black cabbies in front of buckingham palace   gratuitous tourist shot     eye on the thames   liane, raaj, & patella on millennium bridge


I usually ponder my next trip for a while, before I buy a ticket. About 3 weeks ago, though, a high school friend IM’ed me at work.  I was mid work email, so I was ignoring him.  :)  And then he wrote something like, “I was talking to Liane last night… and we’re thinking of doing a long weekend in London.  Flights are cheap.  Wanna come?” My initial reaction, was… are you guys crazy?   But, I checked and there was a direct flight from Seattle for $530.  We figured out we could get free hotel on Starwood points.  The trip …