Updated Photography Portfolio!

My vacation project was to update my photography portfolio. A few changes: My photographs have essentially become my blog. 🙂 Tho I still might blog every once in a while. We’ll see. A new look, better site structure and newly curated galleries I hope you enjoy!  

New Chapters: Moving to SF

A year ago, my friend Sandra sent me a Quora answer on what it’s like to live in New York. This is the paragraph that resonated the most with me: Welcoming. Someone once described New York to me as the world’s most exclusive club that literally anyone can join. You don’t have to have been born in New York to be a “New Yorker”. If you know how to order a sandwich, negotiate the subway, not block the sidewalk, talk about real estate to strangers, laugh about Post headlines, complain about the weather, exercise basic taxi etiquette, tip properly, help …

South Metope 1 from the Parthenon

South Metope 1 was recently taken down from the Parthenon and is now on display at the Acropolis Museum. I was struck by how it looked at different angles. From the sign: The metopes of the Parthenon were the first architectural sculptures to be fixed on the temple during its construction. The Centauromachy, or battle of the Centaurs, a favourite subject of the Athenians, metaphorically depicts the fierce struggle between civilisation and barbarism. South metope 1 was taken down from the Parthenon very recently, after 25 centuries, to be preserved and exhibited at the Museum. The Centaur dominates the scene …


Christopher Hitchens: “The one building in the world which may be assessed as absolutely right. The ‘rightness’ is located somewhere between the beauty of science and the science of beauty.”


Tomorrow, I leave for Colombia! I’ll be in Cartagena with friends for a fabulous #NYECTG, and then intend to wander. The current plan is to spend a couple days in Mompox, a Unesco Heritage site that the LP describes as “Bayou living, South America-style.” And then sleep in a hammock under the stars on one of the beautiful islands off of Cartagena (which might end up being more mosquito colony than idyllic rustic.) We’ll see how it turns out. 🙂 Quick facts: local time cartagena: UTC – 5 (noon in nyc = noon in cartagena) currency 1 usd = 1922 …

Meghan Patrice Riley’s Axis Mundi Collection – Runway Show

Meghan is a high school friend who now lives in NYC.  She makes beautiful jewelry. (website, etsy)  In fact, at this point, almost all my jewelry is made by her. During September’s New York Fashion Week, Meghan had her first runway show.  I was lucky enough to be in attendance, and put together this video of photographs. (As a fun tidbit, the music is by another high school friend of ours – Karin Jue and her band, Painted Face.) Meghan Patrice Riley Axis Munid Collection LES Runway – NYFW Sept 2011