Dia de la Revolucion

Back in November, I happened to be in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) during the Dia de la Revolucion festivities.  Here’s what I saw.                          

Fashion Shoot in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful, tranquil little pueblo. My first day, I had the happy luck to find myself witness to both a wedding and this fashion shoot. The props and styling (with the church in the background) I’m sure made for some wonderful photos. It’s the first time I’ve seen a fashion shoot, and I found it fascinating. Here’s what I saw.

Tempting Fate

So…. turns out it’s bad luck to claim you’re lucky. 🙁 Walking around just now, my camera fell off my camera strap. (The strap is a screw-on and evidently came loose.) The filter on my lens shattered, and the zoom is stuck on 55mm. The camera itself seems ok, except for a crack in the preview screen. Fortunately, I’ve already taken a ton of photos. And likely, it’s just a pricey repair. Still, I think I’m going to go store gear. And go get a margarita. 🙂


This morning, I found myself in the middle of Dia de Revolucion fiestas. It’s a photographic pleasure. 🙂 In the middle of trying to switch lenses and capture an adorable kid with a fake mustache… I managed to poke myself in the eye with my camera. My left contact popped out. I saw it fly into the air… But had no idea where it landed. I was, after all, in the middle if a parade. I decided to head home, and count my blessings that I remembered my glasses… (note: I have hard contacts, so switching to glasses makes my …

Moments in Mexico City

Photography, like everything else, requires practice. Today, I remembered how rusty I am. And how my camera gear is RIDICULOUSLY heavy. I think I’m at almost 10% my body weight (pre-tacos, of course). Anyways, here are a few that turned out ok.

El Tiempo Afuera del Tiempo – Mexico

Life has been crazy the last few months, so I’m treating myself with some “time out of time” in Mexico. I’m spending tomorrow in Mexico City, and then several days in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende.   The plan is lots of photography, yoga, food and tequila – though not necessarily in that order.   🙂