WPF Overview talk @ TechEd Southeast Asia

Thanks again to everyone who attended the WPF overview talk today!   Some links: WPF Community Site (the patient monitoring source code will be posted here soon) Microsoft Expression ZAM 3D by Electric Rain World population app – source code With 3D Without 3D (Note: current CTPs of the VS “Cider” designer cannot yet handle 3D.) WPF Feature Montage   Download .NET Framework 3.0 Release Candidate 1! Install it here! Expression Interactive Designer Windows SDK for Vista & .NET 3.0 “Orcas” Technology preview for .NET 3.0 (which includes “Cider” designer)

Asia Travels

On Thursday, I leave for Malaysia & China for a trip with equal parts business and pleasure.  Very excited! I’m bringing along both my film SLR & my digital point and shoot.  So they’ll be some real time photo and a bunch of back-postings when I return.   Malaysia time: gmt/utc +8 (noon in seattle = 3am next day in kuala lumpur) currency: 1 usd = 3.68 ringgit (rm) weather: 80F, showers (forecast)   China time: gmt/utc +8 (noon in seattle = 3am next day in beijing) currency: 1 usd = 7.97 yuan weather: 80F, rain (forecast)