I went to MoMA PS1’s Warmup a few Saturday’s ago. The space is beautiful.      

Street Art in Buenos Aires

All around Buenos Aires, you stumble across huge murals – each with a unique voice and subject.   If you happen to be in the city, Graffitimundo does an excellent tour…                          

Tempting Fate

So…. turns out it’s bad luck to claim you’re lucky. 🙁 Walking around just now, my camera fell off my camera strap. (The strap is a screw-on and evidently came loose.) The filter on my lens shattered, and the zoom is stuck on 55mm. The camera itself seems ok, except for a crack in the preview screen. Fortunately, I’ve already taken a ton of photos. And likely, it’s just a pricey repair. Still, I think I’m going to go store gear. And go get a margarita. 🙂

Moments in Mexico City

Photography, like everything else, requires practice. Today, I remembered how rusty I am. And how my camera gear is RIDICULOUSLY heavy. I think I’m at almost 10% my body weight (pre-tacos, of course). Anyways, here are a few that turned out ok.

I finally finished a photography site!  Check it out:   Also, thanks to Trevin for pointing me to this Lightroom template!