Kodak Moments

Every once in a while you capture a moment that’s just too good to be true.  While you’re shooting it, you’re both (a) really excited, and (b) feelin’ kinda corny, because the photos look almost posed. That’s how I felt when I stumbled upon these shots today.      

Random Seattle

A photo stroll through downtown seattle…               i seem to have a thing for empty chairs lately.

Yo-Yo Ma Rocks!

By lucky chance, I was able to get tickets for Yo-Yo Ma’s performance with the Seattle Symphony this weekend.  (Thanks Seema for the eagle eye!) I’ve seen Yo-Yo Ma once before – as a part of his Silk Road Ensemble.  And while it was great, I left really wanting to see him playing classical music (and solo-ing!). I’m so excited! ** If you’re a huge (dork) West Wing Fan, like me, you might have gotten the Donna reference in the blog title.   🙂


After seeing my friends Monica & Brian with their Lensbaby, I decided I wanted to play too.  The Lensbaby is this “glass-free” lens – it’s literally a spring with an aperture hole that you bend the to focus its “sweet spot” where you want.  The rest of the photo has a gradually increasing blur.   Here’s a photo I took with my Lensbaby while on the ferry to Bainbridge.