Oaxacan Meals

We ate REALLY REALLY well on this trip (and so inexpensively!).  🙂 Here are a few yummy examples… first night in oaxaca: best enchiladas I ever had.  and i wasn’t even hungry before i started eating. the famed chapuines.  turns out grasshoppers taste like…. crunchy insects. mole negro! vino tinto salsa pasta steak! mole negro we made in cooking class sorbet we made in cooking class

Monte Alban

Located near the city of Oaxaca, the ruins of Monte Alban date back to as early as 500 BC.                

Around Oaxaca

  photos for a quinceañera outside of santo domingo     selling outside of santo domingo     the afternoon’s batch of fresh tortillas   sauce cooling   streets of oaxaca   street performers   streets of oaxaca


The last month has been super hectic with Silverlight 4 and PDC conference prep.  Which means I’m even more excited for a short trip down to Oaxaca, Mexico with my friend Seema.  We leave tomorrow!     Fast Facts Time: UTC-6 (Seattle: noon, Oaxaca: 2pm) Money: Mexican Peso (1 usd = 13.1 pesos) Weather: 82F and Sunny Declared Unesco Heritage Site for its architecture, its cultural traditions, its cuisine and its climate.

Sundance, Utah

Last weekend, I went to Sundance Resort with my friend Beany.  It was beautiful.  We caught the mountains right as the leaves were starting to turn…   sundance mountain   the sun peering through   red leaves   dried ferns   dried grass   the mountain sides   leaves!   an elk hunter   overgrown   contrast

Back in Seattle…

…and so tired!  Nothing like suffering through jetlag on your first day back at work.  The trip was amazing.  I loved (loved) Paris. Anyways, so many highlights – I can’t wait to share the photos!   The Louvre at Night, taken with my iPhone

Nice, France

I ended the trip with some much needed time on the beach.  🙂        

Cafe de Flore

My last day in Paris, I went to Cafe de Flore to channel Sartre, soak in the atmosphere, and write in my journal.  I was especially excited when I ended up sitting next to a certain well-known New Yorker staff writer!

Paris at Night

notre dame, from the seine along the seine karen, photographer (and sometimes shopper) big head     rainstorm in paris     rainstorm in paris     rainstorm in paris     rainstorm in paris   dancing along the seine