British Library – 3D Rare Books Experience as an XBAP

As Tim Sneath announced earlier in his blog today, the British Library has released a just awesome XBAP

I’ve been giddy about this app since I saw the first prototype.  Here’s an example of technology really opening doors and offering new experiences.  The public can see these Da Vinci’s notebooks, Mozart’s compositions, and many other (usually locked up) rare books in a fuller fidelity, richer environment than ever before.

Tim goes in to all the specific coolness of the app in his post.  I definitely recommend the read.

Try out “Turning the Pages” here.



  1. Hi Karen,
    I like how you put the screen shots in your post. Makes a good “enticer”.

    Maybe you can’t really say, but was the British Library WPF project driven more by BL or MS? I’m wondering this is a case of MS going to them with money, or them independently coming to MS and saying “this really is cool”, we BL will pay for it and do the work? The same question goes for the NY Times Reader project.

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