Good Weather = Fire Hazard?

I’m not sure if it’s me or Seattle…  But one of us is definitely a little wacky when good weather causes a fire hazard bulletin:

Elevated fire danger expected this week… High pressure aloft will build over the region this week… generating mostly clear skiesabove normal temperaturesand lower than normal humidities.  Afternoon high temperatures Wednesday and Thursday are forecast to be in 70s to mid 80s… … These conditions will combine to lead to an increased fire danger situation this week.



  1. Where I’m from in New Hampshire, the fire station would always have a “fire warning level” sign outside where Smokey the Bear tells you what the risk level was for that day. Invariably it was high on sunny days and low on rainy days.

    I didn’t think there was this huge risk of spontaneous forest fires in dry weather, nor do I know how I should alter my behavior given the elevated warning level, but they insisted on putting it out just the same.

  2. Hope the weather holds up for my visit! Although, I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t be nice to get a break from Florida’s warm weather. I was secretly looking forward to digging out some cute jackets that I never get the chance to wear 😉 See you soon!

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