Silverlight 1.0!

Earlier today, the first version of Silverlight went out the door!!  Silverlight is Microsoft’s cross-platform, cross-browser plugin aimed at enabling rich media experiences and interactive applications on the web.  (And with the newly announced Novell Moonlight partnership, Silverlight will be available on Windows, Mac, AND Linux.)

Hats off to the folks who made it happen.


On a personal note, I joined the Silverlight team last week, and am SUPER excited to be working on the 1.1 release.  The team has done an incredible job with 1.0, and I think things are just going to keep getting  better and better.  🙂


If you haven’t had a Silverlight-powered experience yet, try these out:

Halo 3 Trailer

 The new Halo 3 trailer shown using Silverlight.  (There’s also an HD version.)


A new web search experience leveraging Live Search and Silverlight.


p.s.  Thanks to Tim for the pointer to Catherine Heller‘s Silverlight animation, shown above.

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