Thinkpad: Getting Brighter

I’ve had my thinkpad for about 6 months, and I like it a lot.  (Although, it wouldn’t kill Lenovo to make them a bit cooler looking – would it??)

The one thing that has bugged me, though, is that the screen *always* dims when I unplugged & go onto battery.  This was especially irritating when trying to work on the bus or edit photos on the plane.

I tried all the Windows settings magic (power options, display brightness, etc) to no avail.  I finally found the trick to making it work today: you have to update your bios.

If you have a lenovo thinkpad & want to have full brightness while on battery, you need to change the “Brightness” bios setting from “Normal” to “High.”

Thought I’d share the wealth.  🙂

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