A Penny for your Thoughts

Random:  I just finished last week’s New Yorker on the bus. 

Did you know that…

  • A penny costs 1.7 cents to make?
  • A nickel costs ~10 cents to make?
  • A lobby funded by Jarden Zinc Products (major supplier of penny cores for the U.S. Mint) prevented the last "get rid of pennies" legislature?
  • Coinstar is now one of the biggest pro-penny lobbies?

Just crazy. 

Ah, the way the world works.  🙂


  1. Hi Karen;

    You are very fortunate to have that school near you. I’m sure it will help you a lot.

    BTW, could you please turn the audio volume off on your “Snow” video? Every time I go to your site, I get that noise on my speakers unexpectedly.


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