1. hmm, i’m presented with the painful “install silverlight” logo when i already have beta2 installed… you sure the example app is beta2?

  2. it is… though I uploaded it to the same location. Can you please try clearing your cache & let me know if that works?

  3. Yes this is what I was saying, Where is the new code, the complete code that uses the latest version of silverlight. I guess I can just cut and past the project files into a new project, But I thought that was part of updating. Maybe updating should also change the test page.

  4. Hi Karen, thanks for your SL2B2 FlikrViewer update.

    When I click on .sln it opens VS 2008, and then gives me the yellow triange with exclamation point message “The project file ‘C:UsersArtDocuments…FlikrViewerFlickrViewr.csproj’ cannot be opened.
    The project type is not supported by this installation.”

    Think I have a good install of SL2B2…
    Hope to get your demo working soon.

  5. Hi Karen —

    The three sample controls (ModalDialog, ContinuousProgress, and HorizontalWrapPanel) that you included are incredibly useful for people building their own SL apps. May I post demos of these controls to http://silverlightnuggets.com (a Silverlight code sharing site), along with a link back to your blog?

    BTW, I downloaded your latest FlickrViewr sample, and it would only work for me when I removed the MinimumVersion=”2.0.30523″ attribute from FlickrViewrTestPage.aspx. That could be a problem on my end, as that has happened to me with other apps as well. I’m just mentioning it in case it helps others. Also, after I got the FlickViewr app to run, it keeps telling me “that user does not exist” even when I type in your user name “scorbette37” … not sure why. I’m not asking you to investigate, just letting you know.


  6. Karen Hi,
    We are develping a new application using Silverlight beta 2.
    We have few difficulities and need some answers, How can I contact you?
    Thank you very much, love your blog 😉

  7. @Rajeev – feel free to post with a link back! Also, when you try to run, have you gotten (and plugged in) a flickr API key?

    @Yaniv – feel free to post your questions in the blog comments!

  8. Karen Hi,
    I have few questions regarding to Silverlight beta2 (we use Silverlight beta2 with WCF in our application). Thank you in advanced for your answers:
    – Where did XMLDataSource disappear? We need it….
    – I am experiencing a very annoying bug when trying to make GUI changes for different states –Expression blend crushes! Are you familiar with this?
    – I am using a Dataset as my datasource using WCF to bring it to the client.
    The proxy converts the dataset to XElement but I get a compilation error: “The type or namespace name ‘schema’ could not be found”. What reference do I need?

    Thanks again,

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