About a year ago, the New Yorker wrote an article on Robert Lang and his crazy mad origami skills.  I thought it was super cool, and wrote about it.  Here’s a newer piece that he’s done (yes, it’s one piece of paper):

In the latest TED talk, Robert Lang goes into more technical detail on how his origami designs are actually created.  (I watched this on my new black, 16 GB, super sexy iPhone while working out.  It rocked.)  The geek in me was intrigued.


One of the other talks I watched was by Benjamin Zander, on music and passion.  He speaks about the world’s approach classical music and the power of inspiring.  It’s also definitely worth a watch.

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  1. Karen…I browsed here to review your Silverlight networking posts again and ended up reading some of your other posts..I watched Benjamin Zander’s TED talk awhile back and loved it. So much I ordered his book. I haven’t cracked it yet, but maybe I’ll get to it on vacation…sigh.

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