1. This is availible in the US only and that means everyone else can see
    nothing of Silverlights potential.

    I drumbed up a lot of support for Silverlight based on that site being availible then NBC informed us that US citizens only got access.

    It’s a shame but the money is all this is about.

  2. Martin’s already said everything I was going to say. The insult to injury for me is that I’m in Canada, where we can watch the Olympics on NBC in HD on the television. I am really upset about this.

  3. It is all about Team USA and their effort. So giving it out to Germany or China would make no sense.

    Can you change your browser/computer settings for a fake out or are they looking at your IP?

    They paid a LOT of money for it and I bet there are international rights to what can be seen where in this sort of stuff.

  4. At least they could do some sort of registration thing…is a pity..

    Or Silverlight is not as powerful as they say – to serve the whole world???

  5. Hi all,
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