“Understanding” the Financial Crisis

A few months ago, I listened to the “The Giant Pool of Money” episode on “This American Life.”  It gave the most understandable explanation of the sub-prime mortgage crisis that I’ve heard.

Now, the same folks tackle the bailout question in “Another Frightening Show About the Economy“. A preview of it can also be found here: “Is The Bailout Worth It?“  The preview is posted on a new podcast and blog called “Planet Money,” which is done by some of the same folks and covers the ongoing economic situation.

Anyways, both “This American Life” episodes (“The Giant Pool of Money” and “Another Frightening Show About the Economy“) are definitely worth a listen.



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  1. Unfortunately, they water it down with Political Correctness. Political Correctness is fear of telling the truth; enforced silence.

    You’ll have to look else where for the truth of the matter. Political Correctness should be outlawed.

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