PDC Session: Silverlight 4 Beta Overview

Thank you to everyone who came to my overview talk yesterday!

Silverlight 4 Overview Talk


My session video has already been posted online.  You can also download the deck here.

You can find online all the other Silverlight PDC session videos.

As promised, you’ll find the code for all the demos below (and links to run the app, where possible).


But first, a few thank yous….

I got help from a bunch of people on the Silverlight team while putting together the demos and content for this talk.  So a big thank you to all of you!  (And to Walter VonKoch on the IE team for help with the Windows RSS Feed Service apis.) 

Also, a HUGE “shout out” to the Silverlight team.  As I mention in the talk, we’ve shipped three versions of Silverlight in less than 2 years… and to follow that with a Beta of Silverlight 4 so soon afterwards… it’s just amazing.  🙂


Here are the demos…


Scrapbook App

(Code, Live App)

Shows Silverlight 4 Beta features:

  • Drag Drop onto Silverlight
  • Right Click Event Support
  • Printing


PDC Photobooth App

(Code, Live App)

Shows Silverlight 4 Beta features:

  • WebCam
  • Printing

Classroom Proctor App


Shows Silverlight 4 Beta features:

  • UDP Support for Multicast Solutions
  • Navigation Loader Extensibility
  • Authentication Support in Client Http Networking Stack
  • INotifyDataErrorInfo Asynchronous Data Validation
  • Implicit Styles
  • RichTextArea
  • BiDi Script & Right to Left FlowDirection
  • Programmatic Clipboard
  • Expression Blend Fluid Layout Support for ListBox
  • Google Chrome Browser Support

Note: in order to run this application, you will need to set up a Silverlight Multicast Server.  An example of a server can be found here.  You can use the policy file found here.



(Code, Live App)

Note: you must Right-Click to install this application.

Shows Silverlight 4 Beta features:

  • WebBrowser HTML Hosting
  • HTMLBrush
  • Trusted Applications with Native Integration via COM Interop
  • Notification Windows


  1. Mmmmm…. Not sure why those are down. I unfortunately don’t have my work laptop right now. I promise to fix those links next week when I’m back from vacation!

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  3. Great presentation, thanks. I’m an old hand a=t ASP.NET but definately a Silverlight newbie, and got quite inspired by several things in your demos. Can’t wait to get the code.

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  6. Thanks Karen! I’m presenting to the Portland SLUG on 12/7 and Seattle SLUG on 12/8. So, just in time. Love the snippet thingy too, thanks!

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