New Chapters

Today, my apartment in Seattle was packed up and sent into storage.

In a few weeks, I’ll be in Buenos Aires, enjoying a South American summer.  And then this spring, I’ll settle – at least for a couple years – in New York City.

In college, I went skydiving.  I remember being excited about leaping out into the sky… and not afraid at all.  But standing at the open exit of the plane 15,000 feet up, I had a moment of terror, thinking: “OK – maybe this is a really, REALLY stupid idea.”

Of course, I jumped.  With skydiving, it’s those first seconds that are the most thrilling.  You’re upside down, your stomach is in your mouth, and you feel 100% alive.

This morning, I had that same feeling of apprehension.  But now, with my stuff packed up and ready to go, you could say I’ve exited the airplane.  🙂

I believe happiness is about knowing you’re on the right path – but not necessarily knowing where that path leads.  And this move, to me, feels right.  We’ll see where I land.

To the people who have touched my life in Seattle – I love you.  I send you big, cry-at-chick-flicks, embarrass-your-friends sloppy kisses.   You might not know it, but I’m taking a part of you away with me.

Here’s to new chapters.



Some of my favorite pictures of iconic Seattle.


Seattle: View from Apartment


Pike Place Market


Snowy Eagle


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