Film, Digital, & Vacation Photos

Just got the last of my film developed (yes, developed ūüôā )¬†from Thailand/Cambodia.¬† This roll was b&w of Angkor.¬† I’ve posted the ones¬†I liked. On the camera¬†front, some news:¬† I’ve just ordered my very first digital camera,¬†a Fuji V10.¬† This means I’m officially retiring my trusty 8 year old film point¬†& shoot.¬† I’ll still be using my¬†film SLR… but I suspect that once Nikon’s digital SLRs, like the¬†D200, come down to a reasonable price (AKA not $1600) I¬†will¬†probably be¬†swayed.¬† The practicialities of digital are hard to deny…¬† Not carrying around a 10 lb SLR w/ a bag of film.¬† Preview …

In Transit…

In Bangkok airport again, on our way to Ko Samui and some quality beach time. The Angkor ruins were magnificient — truly amazing. I took something like 6 rolls of film. The low-light of Angkor Wat? A flat bike tire about 2 miles away from help. ūüôā

Angkor in B&W

Just got my black and white film developed….¬† ¬† The children running through wasn’t intentional… but ended up really liking the symmetry of these two shots The above¬†door is a close¬†up of the following entrance.¬† ¬†

Ta Phrom at Sunrise

My favorite temple was Ta Phrom. We got there at about 7:15am (by bike!). The place was entirely ours: there were¬†(maybe) 6 other people there and it was cool (in contrast to the afternoon’s humid/sticky/unbearable afternoon heat). Unlike the other temples,¬†restoration efforts¬†did not remove the trees that had grown in and around the¬†ruins. The result was¬†a sensation¬†of stumbling upon an ancient¬†temple¬†in desolation¬†while walking through the jungle. ¬† The “Tomb Raider” tree.

Phnom Bakheng at Sunset

Phnom Bakheng is one of the recommended sunset sites.  As such, we were definitely not alone: You could see Angkor Wat in the distance.

Checking Mail…

Checking mail in the Bangkok airport.¬† Waiting for our flight to Siem Reap. The keyboard here are just crazy.¬† I feel bad for the little kids trying to learn to type… let alone spell.

Doi Suthep

This temple was beautiful…. The wat just shimmered with gold. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†

Dui Suthep & Angkor Wat

There were no flights out of Chiang Mai today…¬† So we’re staying an extra day.¬† ūüôā Heading up to the mountain temple Dui Suthep in a bit (highly recommended by fellow travelers as well as my friend Liane).¬† Tomorrow, we catch an EARLY morning flight out to Siem Reap, Cambodia¬†via Bangkok.¬† We’ll have 2 days to wander around Angkor Wat before we fly down to Ko Samui and the beaches! Very excited about Angkor Wat.¬† As one travel poster advertized:¬† “Angkor Wat:¬†Where you interface with God!” ¬† ¬†

Leaving for Thailand!!

Tomorrow, I start my 2+ week vacation in Thailand!¬† (Well, at least the long airplane ride portion of it….) ¬† ¬† We’ll land in Bangkok approximately 2 hours before the new year.¬† The current plan includes a trek leaving from Chaing Mai, jot over to Angor Wat, and some major beach time down south.¬† But we’re not sticking to a schedule —¬†so we’ll see where the trip takes us! A few helpful facts about Thailand: Timezone: GMT/UTC +7¬†¬† (AKA: 15 hours ahead of PST) Currency:¬† 1 USD = 41.0754 THB¬† Religion:¬† 95% Buddhist, 4% Muslim Weather:¬† High 90F, Low 73F …