Film, Digital, & Vacation Photos

Just got the last of my film developed (yes, developed ūüôā )¬†from Thailand/Cambodia.¬† This roll was b&w of Angkor.¬† I’ve posted the ones¬†I liked.

On the camera¬†front, some news:¬† I’ve just ordered my very first digital camera,¬†a Fuji V10.¬†

This means I’m officially retiring my trusty 8 year old film point¬†& shoot.¬† I’ll still be using my¬†film SLR… but I suspect that once Nikon’s digital SLRs, like the¬†D200, come down to a reasonable price (AKA not $1600) I¬†will¬†probably be¬†swayed.¬†

The practicialities of digital are hard to deny…¬† Not carrying around a 10 lb SLR w/ a bag of film.¬† Preview capabilities.¬† Photoshop-ness.¬†¬†¬†

That being said, I¬†still¬†love the clarity, color, and crispness (I sound like¬†I’m describing¬†diamonds) of film prints.¬† I just finished my vacation scrapbook, and thumbing through it, you can tell which photos were film and which were digital prints…¬†


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