The Louvre at Night

I wasn’t originally going to take night photos of the Louvre.  But walking through on the way to the Metro, the “golden hour” lighting was too good to pass up.  I ended up staying for dinner, and more photography of the Louvre Pyramid.                   

“Mona Lisa”

I was mixed on whether to hunt down the “Mona Lisa” inside of Louvre – I had heard the crowds take all the joy out of it  But once inside the museum, it’s kinda hard to resist such a famous painting. Especially with all the "This Way to the Mona Lisa" signs.     The Louvre allows people to take pictures inside. Which I love. But it definitely seemed like most folks were just PhotoOp-ing, and not really looking at it.     Anyways, I really liked the “Mona Lisa”. Photos of it don’t do it justice. Some paintings just …

The Louvre

What can I say – the Louvre is a beautiful museum.             michelangelo’s dying slave.  stunning.