“Mona Lisa”

I was mixed on whether to hunt down the “Mona Lisa” inside of Louvre – I had heard the crowds take all the joy out of it  But once inside the museum, it’s kinda hard to resist such a famous painting.

Especially with all the "This Way to the Mona Lisa" signs.


Mona Lisa


The Louvre allows people to take pictures inside. Which I love. But it definitely seemed like most folks were just PhotoOp-ing, and not really looking at it.


The "Scene" that is the "Mona Lisa" 

Anyways, I really liked the “Mona Lisa”. Photos of it don’t do it justice. Some paintings just feel alive, have a bit of soul to them.


"Mona Lisa"


And yes, I took the requisite tourist photo.  🙂


Required Kodak Moment


  1. From wikipedia: The picture is currently kept under strict, climate controlled conditions in its bullet-proof glass case. The humidity is maintained at 50% ±10%, and the temperature is maintained between 18 and 21°C. To compensate for fluctuations in relative humidity, the case is supplemented with a bed of silica gel treated to provide 55% relative humidity.[25]

  2. Not so many people to see the painting. You were lucky. When I was last year it took me some time to get a picture of it

  3. That’s pretty cool, however, I was referring to the railing and rope making sure people stayed a good distance back. More viewing area?

  4. She is really so alive. If you listen to people in the room where she “resides”, they never say “it”, they always refer to her as a living person. She has a presence, truly. If one did not see the original, one cannot understand this. There is really some livingness in that painting. I could not really take a picture of her either, because I knew on the pic she would not be alive.

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