Street Art in Buenos Aires

All around Buenos Aires, you stumble across huge murals – each with a unique voice and subject.   If you happen to be in the city, Graffitimundo does an excellent tour…                          

Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo

Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo is an association of Argentine mothers whose children were the desaperacidos during the military dictatorship of 1976 to 1983. Beginning 10 years ago, these women would regularly meet in the Plaza de Mayo, each wearing a head scarf with her vanished child’s name. Now every week, they continue to march.  And each week, portenos young and old as well as tourists from near and far bear witness to their protest.

Las Pampas

Gauchos are the cowboys of the pampas.  In the estancias of San Antonio de Arecas, outside of Buenos Aires, you can still see some of the gaucho traditions.                                      

Tango at Café Tortoni

Café Tortoni houses one of Buenos Aires’ famed tango shows.  A few photos…                        

Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno is a very blue glacier just outside of El Calafate in Argentine Patagonia.  It’s a shock to the system when you first see it.        larger view      

Candids from Torres del Paine

Of course, trekking isn’t all just majestic vistas.  Here are a few candids.   powerful   exhausted “Two Roads Diverged… Too Bad We Didn’t Know That; AKA We took the hard ass route by accident… I mean, because we’re ballers.” Here’s a better picture of the path we took.   glacier that way!   “bottled at the source” – showing off the bottle of glacier water I just filled up

Vistas from Torres del Paine

Hiking the W Circuit in Torres del Paine, part of the Chilean Patagonia, was breathtaking.  Here are a few of my favorite vistas.   los cuernos   los torres     flowers in front of cerros paine grande   cerro paine grande   a river in front of cerro paine grande     cerro paine grande lago nordenskjöld (see larger)     shadows on lago nordenskjöld     lago nordenskjöld     glaciar grey (see larger)     glaciar grey.  yes, this is bluer than it looked.  but it’s exactly as blue as it felt.

Trekking Patagonia: Planning for the W Circuit in Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine is a national park on the Chilean side of Patagonia.  The W Circuit is a 3-4 day hike through the most scenic sections of the park.   The trek was beautiful, and definitely ranks high on my personal “wonders of the world” list. Planning the trip was trickier than I expected – the information available online is scarcer than other treks I’ve been on (eg Inka trail). Here’s what I wish I knew before I went. W CIRCUIT BASICS The trek is a 3-4 day hike (4 or 5 nights). You can camp, or stay at refugios along …

Argentina, Patagonia, and … ?

Tomorrow, I take off on a 7 week trip to South America.  I know I’m flying into Buenos Aires, hiking Patagonia with a good friend, and at some point drinking wine in Mendoza.  But other than that, I’m just going to see what happens.  :)  I’m excited.     Oh… and I’m also REALLY excited about the weather!  


The last month has been super hectic with Silverlight 4 and PDC conference prep.  Which means I’m even more excited for a short trip down to Oaxaca, Mexico with my friend Seema.  We leave tomorrow!     Fast Facts Time: UTC-6 (Seattle: noon, Oaxaca: 2pm) Money: Mexican Peso (1 usd = 13.1 pesos) Weather: 82F and Sunny Declared Unesco Heritage Site for its architecture, its cultural traditions, its cuisine and its climate.