Chiang Mai Trek Details

Rough trek schedule:

Day 1 (Jan 2nd)

  • Get picked up in covered truck and head up to mountains.
  • Walk through Mao & Karen villages.
  • Hike to waterfall.
  • Hike through jungle & fields to Karen village.
  • Stay the night in Karen village.

Day 2 (Jan 3rd)

  • Hike to another Karen village.
  • Hike to another waterfall.
  • Go on elephant ride.
  • Trip on bamboo raft.

Karen villages are one of several northern Thai hill tribes.  They also happen to share my name 🙂

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  1. I hope that last bullet point means that you’ll be taking a rafting trip rather than tripping on a raft. 🙂 Stay safe, have a fantastic time, and happy new year!

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