Last day on the beach…

A couple highlights:

  • The beach that we’re on is probably about half a mile long.  (I’m really bad at guessing distances — it takes about 15 minutes to walk it.)  The most people we’ve seen on the entire beach at a time is about 75.
  • Got my first thai massage two days ago.  It’s amazing… this women uses her elbows, feet, knees.  At some point I was hanging practically upside down.  The massage is done on this covered platform on the beach.  There was a breeze, soft thai music playing, wooden wind chimes, and the ocean lapping.  An hour massage for 6.50 USD.  I’ve gotten two so far.  I have another one later today.  🙂
  • We’ve spent 5 days doing nothing: lounging on the beach.  swimming.  eating thai food. drinking beer.  reading in our hammock.  attempting crossword puzzles on our upgraded hut patio.  not a bad life.

Tomorrow we leave for Bangkok.  We spend the full day on Sunday there, and then we’re off early Monday morning.  We land in Seattle around 5pm on Monday (with a plane change in Osaka & lunch at LAX with my parents).

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