Photo Screen Saver

Using my new template, I wanted to create a screen saver for my photos.  I liked the look of the Picasa screen saver and wanted to see if I accomplish something similar in WPF.  Below is the result. 

The photos animate in & out to random locations.  It’s also configurable to show photos from any directory on your machine.

You can get the screen saver here.  

To Install

  1. Be sure you have .NET Framework 3.0.   (If you’re running Vista, you’re good to go!)
  2. Download the ZIP file and Extract All files.
  3. Copy the PixPile.scr file to convenient location on your C: drive.
  4. Right click the PixPile.scr file.
  5. Select Install.

To Configure

  1. In the Windows Screen Saver Dialog, select the PixPile screen saver.
  2. Click Settings button.

To Uninstall:

  1. Delete the Spiral.scr file.


08 Jan 07: 

  • Fixed a crash after long runs.

18 Jan 07: 

  • Changed photo “drop shadow” from using a BitmapEffect to an transparent Rectangle to enhance perf.  
  • Reduced border size and tweeked fade in animation, 
  • Added setting to change min and max photo size to work better with screens of different resolutions.


  1. Hey Karen. I realy like your WPF screensaver stuff, but I’m stuck with the template. It won’t open in Visual Studio, it says that the project isnt supported. But since I’m working on a project for Windows Vista called Retrophase, I like to make a special screensaver of the Aurora XAML file (many people will be happy with it). I have the XAML file, but don’t know how to begin.

    I have Visual Studio 2005, Expression Blend. In Blend I tried to edit your original spiral (with the star) but it won’t work by just editting the Window1.xaml, it will pass the tests, but the screensaver will crash before it shows 🙂

    Can you help me with it please? You can mail me to:

    I will realy appericiate if you want to help.

  2. First time here (courtesy of scott H). Subscribed!

    Two things: The link isn’t fixed (I have the rename to .zip to download it)
    2. Hope you enjoy visiting Argentina (I’m argentinean)

  3. That’s a great screen saver. To make this perfect, can you please:
    1. Allow user to control the fade in/out speed
    2. Allow user to control the backdrop color/pattern
    3. Increase the max. size of each photo
    4. Scatter the photos more over the screen rather than just on the center of the screen.

    Looking forward for this perfect photo screen saver comes out.


  4. Hi there,

    Really nice screen saver you got here! Im loving it!

    Only feature it is missing is that there would be support for multiple directories of pictures. If there ever will be, please mail me and let me know =)

    Thanx for great screen saver!

  5. Really great work! If possible, I would also like too get the source code for this screen saver. Send it to chrilleberg[at]


  6. Any chance of sharing the source code for this one? It’s SO much better than the Vista screensaver. I’d love to tweak it to also show Picassa and Flickr pix also and this is such a great base to start with. If not, I guess I’ll happily grab the WPF template and go to work with that! Thanks for sharing!

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