ImageKind is a digital printing online service that just announced a partnership with Flickr.  It is “one community for creating, buying, and selling art.”

They’ve got a bunch of interesting advantages for folks with digital pictures:

  • I like my prints from Adorama… but when I print out the “digital size” (e.g. 11×17) its almost impossible to find frames for them.  (And my crops to 8×10 or 16×20 just don’t look as good.) ImageKind provides framed prints at digital sizes.
  • Canvas prints.
  • Flickr integration, which means no uploading of huge files in two places.
  • And of course, the amateur’s dream of selling his/her photos to random strangers.  🙂

Would love to hear what your experience has been with ImageKind if you’ve already tried them out…

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