Potter Mania

It’s two days away! 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows releases at midnight on Friday.  It’s rumored to be 784 pages… and it’s the last Harry Potter book in the 7-book series.

The excitement is definitely all over the news:

  • Images of the book (and rumored PDFs) are already all over bit-torrent sites.
  • Tim Dale, beloved voice of the Harry Potter audiobooks, has already recorded the 7th both.  His readings (and the voices he does) are awesome.
  • The books are under “heavy guard” in a warehouse somewhere in the US, getting ready for home delivery to those who “pre-ordered.”

Me?  I plan on going to a few local bookstores at midnight, taking some pictures of Potter-mania… and then curling up with the last Harry Potter book until I finish.  🙂

p.s.  I’ve said this before, but once again, HATS OFF to J.K. Rowling.  She’s managed to create a world-wide sensation around…. reading.  She deserves every cent she’s made.

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