At my Mix08 session last week, I showed off a FlickrViewr app that I had written. You can search different user’s photos (or search all public photos by leaving the username blank).

updated: This app has been updated for Beta2.  All of its controls now use VSM!

updated: This app now uses DevDave‘s AnimatingWrapPanel.

updated: Updated for Silverlight 3.

FlickrViewr (app, code)

In order to run it on your own, you need to go to flickr and get your own flickr api key.

Special thanks to Pete Blois.  I expanded upon his Xml Serialization Flickr library.  🙂

This FlickrViewr application uses:

  • Styles
  • Control Templates
  • UserControls
  • Custom Controls

There are also a few re-usable goodies:

  • HorizontalWrapPanel  (note: the app no longer uses this wrap panel)
  • ContinuousProgress control
  • ModalDialog

You can grab these separately here.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for a nice sample 🙂
    I do, however, have one issue, as I can’t get it to work unless I remove the buttonreference to the ControlTemplate x:Key=”RightArrowButton” as my browser (ie7) locks and the Page.xaml shows something weird.
    All other samples I’ve tested run without any issues, I’m located in denmark, having slightly different settings for decimaloperators, numbers etc. but usually not an issue.

  2. Hi Karen, it only happens when I try to run it locally.
    Could it be related to whether you’re running the 3.5 extension CTP or not (other assembly versions of some assemblies perhaps)

  3. Karen, it may be due to a general issue with SL2 Beta.
    I now and then have problems when I’m having to different instances running of VS2008 Silverlight projeckts.

  4. you should not hardcoding your flickr API key. because the code will be downloaded to client, then somebody can deassembly it and see the key.

  5. Hi there,

    I am trying to use databinding with your HorizonatalWrapPanel but having issues. Not sure if I have to add additional methods to your class to allow for databinding a collection to it.

    I was going down the path of creating an ItemsControl and using the HorizontalWrapPanel as the ItemsPaneltemplate and a user control as the DataTemplate in the ItemsControl.ControlTemplate. But when I run it nothing shows up.

    Any guidance would be great


  6. Hi Karen,
    Will FlickrViewer demo be converted to SL2 Beta 2?

    I’m having various issues, especially with the DialogResult class


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