Mix08: Creating Rich, Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2 Controls

Thanks everyone who came to my talk Thursday morning! (And to those brave souls who came to the 5:45pm repeat.)

The session video is now posted on the Mix site.

I’ve also uploaded the sample code and deck, if you’re interested. (I’ll post my flickr viewer app soon in a different post.)


Some other links…

And a few more…. (that I shameless stole from Tim. See his post for some installation hints.):

Hope everyone enjoyed the rest of their time in Vegas. Sadly, mine was a bit too eventful. I ended up leaving my Mix bag by the pool… Which had my wallet in it. I guess some things really will “stay in Vegas”…

I Saw Elvis!


  1. Hi, great session. Quick question though, your example is all around a single app styling that is built into the compiled app. With Skinning & Styling is it possible to do this via a css-like method? For example allowing the user to choose the site styling they wish, or re-branding a generic site depending on audience or URL.

  2. Hopefully I’ll get to watch ya at next years MIX. I’ve been getting back into WPF development and finding alot of ‘linkbacks’ to your site, including one in “WPF unleashed”. Nice 🙂

    I’m also noticing a pattern with the (awesome) pictures you take..is the ‘reflection shot’ a staple? guess time will tell 🙂

  3. Hi. I’ve been looking around to see if there’s a method to combine SL styles similar to CSS. Do you know of any?

    For example in CSS, I can use:
    My text goes here.

    In SL, is there any way to do this, something like:

  4. hi, i m a newbee in silverlight….an amazing session must say…helped a lot…well hav a question ….i hav custom control template in liabrary…and i want to add that template dytnamically into page.xaml how do i do that?

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