A Fabulous Barcelona Day

Yesterday was my first full day in Barcelona. It was a fabulous.

My friend Chris and I started at Museu Picasso. My favorite part of this museum is Picasso’s Las Meninas study… (He did several interpretations of Vellasquez’s Las Meninas, which I saw in Madrid a few years ago.) The current temporary exhibit displays the work of several other artists who have done Las Meninas interpretations. It was great.

Next, we headed to Gaudi‘s Parque Guell, took pictures and had lots of sangria.

At night (and this was the coolest part), we went to Gaudi’s La Pedrera for a rooftop jazz concert. and free cava. The band was awesome, and the ambience – set among Gaudi’s crazy knight-looking sculptures – was perfect.

We ended with dinner Spanish-style (and jetlag-style) around 11:30pm, which included some great cabrales blue cheese and a DOQ spanish red wine.

I think I could live in Barcelona. 🙂

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