Back From Spain

And I’m back.  And totally jetlagged. Spain was great – a fabulous country.  I will definitely go back again. Also, it turns out that "vacation" vacations do have some nice perks over "adventure" vacations: Being able to brush your teeth without worrying about getting sick. Being able to eat fruit from street vendors without worrying about getting sick. Knowing that you’re not totally screwed if you lose your passport. Not stressing about safety when calling a cab. Western toilets. Oh, and amazing wine and cheese.  Though, the exchange rate is rather killer. Next trip?  I’m thinking back to south america …

The Guggeheim in Bilbao

The last stop in my trip to Spain was Bilbao.  The city in recent years has become an international destination with the building of the Guggenheim.  The building, designed by Frank Gehry, is shaped like a “ship” with fish-like titanium scales.  I loved how it caught the colors of the city at different times of day. The collection housed inside of the Guggenheim was much smaller than I expected.  The temporary Munoz exhibit was very good, and my appreciation for Richard Serra grew after seeing his permanent pieces.  But overall, the building itself much overshadowed the art inside.   the …

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is an absolutely gorgeous beach town.  Unfortunately, it got hit with a case of “seattle weather” while I was there…. so there wasn’t a lot of frolicking on the sand.  Fortunately, Spain summer sales started that Monday – so I ended up being pretty productive anyways.  🙂   looking down at san sebastian relaxing with sangria & new yorker   window dressings   seaside soccer on the beach   merry-go-rounds beach  can you hear me now? twilight near the beach

A Fabulous Barcelona Day

Yesterday was my first full day in Barcelona. It was a fabulous. My friend Chris and I started at Museu Picasso. My favorite part of this museum is Picasso’s Las Meninas study… (He did several interpretations of Vellasquez’s Las Meninas, which I saw in Madrid a few years ago.) The current temporary exhibit displays the work of several other artists who have done Las Meninas interpretations. It was great. Next, we headed to Gaudi‘s Parque Guell, took pictures and had lots of sangria. At night (and this was the coolest part), we went to Gaudi’s La Pedrera for a rooftop …

La Pedrera de Nit

  On the plane to Spain, I read that there are sometimes nighttime concerts at La Pedrera, one of my favorite places from my previous Barcelona trip. After asking around, we got tickets for “Noches de verano en La Pedrera.” The musician that night was Marc Ayza – he & his band were fabulous. All & all, it was just a wonderful experience:  great music & good cava in the surreal surroundings of Gaudi‘s La Pedrera rooftop.              

Park Guell

ark Guell is Gaudi‘s outdoor barcelona park.  It’s relaxing, picturesque… and a great place for a pitcher of sangria.   barcelona skyline from the top of the park.  (see the large version.)   the main part of the park   dragon   euro smiles     mosaic   there goes the bride   ready for my sangria!


On Thursday, I leave for a week and a half vacation to Spain.  This will be my first "first world" international vacation in a while…  (Actually since I went to Barcelona & Prague four and half years ago. ) I’m looking forward to simply relaxing and enjoying the beauty (and wine) of Spain.  On the other hand, I’m so NOT looking forward to  the dollar <-> euro exchange rate.   The plan is split time between Barcelona and San Sebastian, with a side trip to see the Guggenheim in Bilbao. I’m also making planning on taking a lot of pictures.  …


While I was in Florida. I was able to see some of the local sites in Orlando & Miami.  Here are a few of the photos. my first time at Disney World.  i have to say, I like Disneyland better. balloons on main street princess for the day waiting for tea cups   finally, a day at the beach:  my feet in miami. the great art deco sign at the park central hotel rooftop party me = tan = success