Spain Wins Euro Cup 2008!

It was the first time that Spain won the Euro Cup 2008 in 22 years.  (And the first time in about the same number of years that I watched a soccer match.)

The game was in Austria, so the viewing location was a bar in the Barri Gotti.

The celebration in the street afterwards was particularly memorable… and also where I learned the life skill of operating an SLR with one hand, while have a beer in the other.


Euro Cup: Spain vs Germany 

folks were lined up on the street to see in…


Euro Cup: Spain vs Germany 

…and the celebration starts



friendly folks sold beer on the streets for 1 euro


Spain Wins Euro Cup! 

the spanish flag in motion:  my first attempt at panning


Euro Cup Celebration 

pouring on to las ramblas

Spain Wins Euro Cup! 

there was no “music”, so noise makers and chants filled the streets


Euro Cup Celebration 

and there were many many people out


Spain Wins Euro Cup!


  1. I’m not sure what provoked Google Reader to show this entry in my list again, but something did catch my eye.

    Euro 2008 was not in Italy, but in Austria and Switzerland. The final was in Vienna, Austria.

    Enjoying all the pictures from your trip. It’s certainly a great break from hundreds of daily developer posts.

  2. Thanks for the correction! Also, I’m backposting a lot of the photos – so expect a lot more out of order posts. 🙂

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