On Thursday, I leave for a week and a half vacation to Spain.  This will be my first "first world" international vacation in a while…  (Actually since I went to Barcelona & Prague four and half years ago. )

I’m looking forward to simply relaxing and enjoying the beauty (and wine) of Spain.  On the other hand, I’m so NOT looking forward to  the dollar <-> euro exchange rate.


The plan is split time between Barcelona and San Sebastian, with a side trip to see the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

I’m also making planning on taking a lot of pictures.  :) 

However, I’ve got a new resolution to take my time post-processing them when I get back.  I usually just rush through it, and end up getting burnt out on.  So, expect a long trickle of Spanish Photography!

Quick Facts:

  • money:
    • 1.00 euro = 1.552 usd (OUCH)
  • local time:
    • UTC + 1 (noon in seattle => 11:23pm in spain)
  • weather: 


  1. Waiting the fourth part of your series on Silverlight 2’s Parts & States control model, i wish you good holidays in Spain! 😀

  2. WoW! What a time to be in Spain? Have you become a futbol fan yet?

    I read your blog for the great WPF articles, but good to know you are at the center of the world today.
    Have a great trip.

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