Photo Series

My photo class last spring had a final project.  I finally finished editing it.  (I cheated a little bit and replaced the opening photo with one that I took before the class started… but it really fit the theme, so oh well.  🙂 )

You can see the series as a slideshow.  (For best viewing, uncheck “Options” -> “Embiggen small things to fill screen”)

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Hey Karen,

    Ran across your blog by way of Charles and Eric. I was really stunned by this photo series.

    I thought your treatment of light on 2, 5, and 6 was skillful. Wow.

    Beyond the technical though, I thought it was interesting that you played with the idea that you can break into aloneness with the camera, with the observer. Are you really alone if someone is paying attention to you (1, 5, 6)? Does the objectification make you feel more alone (1)?

    Take care,

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