Silverlight 2 Changes

Between Silverlight 2 Beta 2 & Silverlight 2 RTW, there were a few changes and additions.  Here’s a brief rundown on the areas I directly worked on. 

The overall breaking change list can be found here.


Control Model Silverlight 2 RTW Updates

  • generic.xaml lives in themes directory
    • For WPF compat, we’re now looking for generic.xaml at themesresources.xaml.  It still needs to be built as an assembly resource.
  • VisualTransition.GeneratedDuration
    • The VisualTransition.Duration’s property name has changed.  It is now called VisualTransition.GeneratedDuration.
    • This value will only impact the duration of generated transition animations.  It has no affect on the VisualTransition.Storyboard animations.
  • VisualTransition.Storyboard must be defined inline
    • You cannot set VisualTransition.Storyboard to be a storyboard resource.  It needs to be defined as content of the <VisualTransition>.


HTTP Networking Silverlight 2 RTW Updates

  • Cross-scheme HTTP <-> HTTPS calls are allowed with a cross domain file.
  • Sub-domain wildcards are allowed within a clientaccesspolicy.xml cross domain file
  • Setting the Content-Type is always allowed on cross domain POSTS
    • Of course, the cross domain POST itself needs to be allowed by the service’s cross domain policy file.
    • All other headers still need to be explicitly allowed in the service’s cross domain policy file.

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