I usually ponder my next trip for a while, before I buy a ticket.

About 3 weeks ago, though, a high school friend IM’ed me at work.  I was mid work email, so I was ignoring him.  :)  And then he wrote something like, “I was talking to Liane last night… and we’re thinking of doing a long weekend in London.  Flights are cheap.  Wanna come?”

My initial reaction, was… are you guys crazy?   But, I checked and there was a direct flight from Seattle for $530.  We figured out we could get free hotel on Starwood points.  The trip would cost about the same (or less) as a weekend to NYC.  Four hours later, I  had booked my flight.

I fly out to London tonight and am back on Monday.  It’s kinda ridiculous – but you’re only young once, right?  🙂



London Fast facts:

  • 1 British Pound = 1.44 USD
  • Weather:   low 50s F & partly sunny
  • Time: UTC + 0 (noon in Seattle = 8pm in  London)

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