Mix 09: Building Microsoft Silverlight Controls

Thank you to everyone to who came to my talk at Mix09! 

I’m always a bit nervous having talks on the last day of a conference. (After all, you work really hard to pull a session together – and it can kinda be a bummer talking to mostly empty chairs.)  But my room was full, and the audience’s vibe felt great from stage.  🙂

If you missed the session, you can watch the video here:

Also, as promised, here are links to…

  • Sample source code
  • Deck

    The final WishExplorer demo uses Wishpot’s 3rd party web service

    Wishpot is a great site for wishlisting – it’s aimed at avoiding “random” (note quotations) presents on your birthday and holidays. :)  Anyways, in order to compile & run the demo locally, you’ll need to request a developer key from them here.

    Also, here’s a link to two other demos, if you’d link to click around them:

    A few callouts:

    • Thank you to Wishpot’s CTO Tom Lianza and  Senior Designer John Hildenbiddle for all their help on the backend and visuals for the demos.
    • Dave – your radial panel rocked it.  Thanks!

    Any feedback you have on the session content or presentation is appreciated – I’m always trying to be a better speaker.  🙂

    p.s.  I’ve posted an update to my SnippetManager – it now automatically copies the snippets to the clipboard.


    1. I loved this years talk, you added new insight from last years talk. I am also happy that there is a Silverlight Friendly webservice out there that we can use to write our own control

    2. Karen, great job on your presentation. The new features in SL3 for maintaining resources will be a BIG help to me. And your coverage of the error handling for controls was one of my highlights from MIX. Thanks for posting the sample code so quickly.

    3. Great talk, watched online from here in Italy.
      Lot of things to learn from, keep up the good work on Silverlight!
      Thank you

    4. First of all thank you for posting sample source code. I have download the sample source code but i am not able to get animations on Data validation on RatingTextBox in Wish Details Demo. Instead I am getting exceptions on cs file. Can you please help me run the demo with animations? Thank you once again.

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