Silverlight 3 Beta!

Here are all the Silverlight 3 Beta links, if you’re interested in digging in.

As a callout:  This is a developer beta release only! This means there is no “go-live” licensing available and the end-user runtime of Silverlight 3 is not available.

A full list of the new features can be found here.

If you’re curious, some of the new framework features inside of the core runtime are:

  • BasedOn Styles
  • Merged ResourceDictionaries
  • Ability to listen to handled routed events
  • Data Binding to DependencyProperty sources
  • Binding supports RelativeSource syntax
  • Explicit update for Bindings
  • Validation UI supported by VSM
  • MultiSelection for ListBox


  1. What do you mean about features…

    Ability to listen to handled routed events
    Validation UI supported by VSM

    Do you have examples/links? Thanks.

  2. Hi Karen, I enjoyed your session at MIX. Good job! I hope to see at MIX next year. I’ve been playing around with the Silverlight 3 Beta and wanted to ask you if “Resources” were just a xaml file and not use a code behind .cs. I did not see this option using the “Add New Item” option, so I’m thinking this should be generated generically yes? Anyway, keep up the good work.

  3. “Ability to listen to handled routed events”
    ——-Could you talk about this new feature a bit please?
    I couldn’t find any further infomation about this anywhere on the Internet…

  4. Hi Karen,
    i really hope that you reply to this because i did not get any answer in the forum for my problem i have with AttachedProperty Bindings. I am asking you because you pointed out at Mix that AttachedProperty Bindings are now supported in Silverlight.

    What i am trying to do is to bind to a custom AttachedProperty in my ControlTemplate. That does not seem to work. Although its perfectly fine in WPF.
    Can you please plaease clarify if that works or not. Because i really banging my head.
    Here is the link to the thread.


  5. Hi Nick,

    Please try instead using a Binding with RelativeSource=TemplatedParent. TemplateBindings have limited support for attached DPs.


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