Silverlight 3 Ships

Silverlight 3 is out in the wild!!

(team-signed poster in my office)

Links to all the good stuff:

Some of the new Silverlight 3 features include…

  • Perspective 3D
  • Out of Browser
  • Validation UI & DataForm
  • H.264
  • Navigation Framework
  • DeepZoom Smooth Streaming*
  • SaveFileDialog
  • WriteableBitmap
  • Pixel Shaders
  • DropShadow/Blur Built-in Effects
  • ChildWindow
  • BasedOn Styles
  • MultiTouch Input*
  • ClearType*
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Many New Controls
  • UI to UI Binding
  • New REST Networking Stack*
  • Animation Easing Functions
  • SEO Optimizations & Deep Linking
  • ItemsControl UI Virtualization*
  • Mouse Wheel Support*
  • Multi-Select ListBox

* Added since Silverlight 3 Beta

On a personal note…. Around Mix, I took over the PM position in the Silverlight 3 Shipping Triad.  It’s been an amazing (tiring, ridiculous, exhilarating) experience.  So, a shout out to the SL3 Triad, the always awesome framework feature teams, and the Silverlight team as a whole.  It’s been a privilege working with all of you.

This release was a special one for me.  🙂


p.s.  If you read my blog, you know I’m on vacation right now.  🙂  I made the call a few days ago to leave my laptop at home… So none of my SL3 Beta samples have been updated to RTW bits yet.  But I promise to when I’m back in Seattle.  In the meantime, enjoy playing with SL3!


  1. I love the mouse wheel, it is like the cherry on top of the release. The zoom controled by the browser is another great touch

  2. Congratulations and thanks to Silverlight team for delivering the much needed, much requested features in SL3. This I think marks the first LOB ready development platform since inception in 2007.

    There is one thing though. The penetration of SL3 run-time to end users is quite low and shallow. It would be awesome if Microsoft could put SL3 run-time as a recommended download in Windows Update asap. And developers should help push this great technology to their users. After all, it is only 4MB.

    Thank you

  3. Hi,

    I’ve played with template creation and encountered a problem with text selection in a text box after I’ve applied to it a template. Is there a way to reenable text selection and mouse interaction with text in text box? I’ve created a template basing on your mix09 presentation.

  4. Hey Karen, Great job to you and the whole SL team. I saw you speak @ Mix + Tech-ed and loved the snippet manager you used. I saw that you had it posted, but when I try using it in Win 7 and it doesn’t want to paste test when I drag it. Any ideas for a workaround (besides using a different laptop ;))
    Thanks for everything!!!

  5. As far as the issue I raised about the snippet manager not pasting properly; I figured it out. Because I run Visual Stuido with Admin rights; if the Snippet Manager isn’t run as admin as well it won’t paste. Simple fix run snippet manager as admin!

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