London, Paris, Nice

Tomorrow, I take off for Europe!
The first weekend, I’ll be in London visiting friends.  During the week, the plan is to train down to Paris and then meet up with a friend in Nice.
I’ve never been to France before, and am REALLY looking forward to it.  Plus, my friend got tickets for “Waiting for Godot” with  Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in London.   I can’t wait.


Fast Facts

  • London
    • 1 pound = 1.6465 USD
    • Low 80F, Sunny
    • Noon in Seattle =  7pm (UTC + 1)
  • Paris
    • 1 Euro = 1.4022 USD
    • Mid 80F, Sunny
    • Noon in Seattle =  8pm (UTC + 2)
  • Nice
    • 1 Euro = 1.4022 USD
    • High 70F, Partly Cloudy
    • Noon in Seattle =  8pm (UTC + 2)


  1. Hello, don’t want to stop at Montpellier ? (not so far from Nice) to help me program with SilverLight LoL 🙂

    Well, i will let u one or two hours to go on the Beach if u want ^^

    I just start with SilverLight technology, waiting for SilverLight 3 to make a product personalization simulation system, but it is more simple to say 🙂

    Saw your Mix09 video while searching tutorials and content for silverlight.

    Bye 🙂

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