El Tiempo Afuera del Tiempo – Mexico

Life has been crazy the last few months, so I’m treating myself with some “time out of time” in Mexico. I’m spending tomorrow in Mexico City, and then several days in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende.   The plan is lots of photography, yoga, food and tequila – though not necessarily in that order.   🙂

Africa Penguins

African penguins at Boulder Beach. the crowd   mom & baby   walkin’   swimmin’   “i can kick your ass” penguin

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope, the most south-west point of the African continent. (Though not the “southern” most point – that’s Cape Agulhas… which I didn’t see.)

More Animals from Sabi Sands

bird   kudu   chameleon.  this guy had the craziest walk.  he was swaying back & forth, trying to look like a leaf to those predators flying above.   weaver   warthog   almost   hippo   rhino, by john

Elephants on Parade

After a couple quick glimpses, baby elephants were topping my “cuties of Africa” list.  I had seen Asian baby elephants before, but African baby elephants – with their HUGE ears – were just too much.  However, by our 5th game drive, we still hadn’t gotten a good look at them – they were always hidden or running off. Then, as we were off attempting to track a rhino, a large herd of 30 or so elephants came marching towards us.  They went around the truck like it was no big deal.  And we got to see all of their little …

Twilight in the Bush

The scene: A leopard, having just eaten, rests at the foot of a tree. The remains of the impala still hang in the branches above. A young hyena patiently waits for falling scraps.      


We saw three different leopards.  Here are photos of the first two.   The first leopard…             … and the second.  Who alternated between yawning and preparing to pounce.