TechEd Samples

Thanks everyone who attended my TechEd talks last week!  As promised, here are the decks and samples from each session.  When the videos get posted, I will add links.  🙂 WUX206: An Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight Controls Framework (slides, samples)   WUX326: Understanding the Microsoft Silverlight 2 Control Skinning Framework (slides, samples)   Also, for fun…. I’ve uploaded my WeatherControl sample app to play with!

TechEd Orlando

I’ve landed in Orlando for the dev week of TechEd 2008!  And it’s raining.  (Seattle weather haunts me.) Anyways, for those of you in Orlando, I’ll be giving two talks on the Silverlight Control Model: WUX206  An Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight Controls Framework (Wednesday 6/4/2008 2:45PM-4:00PM, Room: S230 A) This session provides an overview of the Silverlight control model. We look at the fundamentals of how to use Silverlight controls and how to make minor visual customizations to them via Styles. In addition, we explore UserControls and how they make building Silverlight applications easier. WUX326 Understanding the Microsoft Silverlight Control …

WPF Overview talk @ TechEd Southeast Asia

Thanks again to everyone who attended the WPF overview talk today!   Some links: WPF Community Site (the patient monitoring source code will be posted here soon) Microsoft Expression ZAM 3D by Electric Rain World population app – source code With 3D Without 3D (Note: current CTPs of the VS “Cider” designer cannot yet handle 3D.) WPF Feature Montage   Download .NET Framework 3.0 Release Candidate 1! Install it here! Expression Interactive Designer Windows SDK for Vista & .NET 3.0 “Orcas” Technology preview for .NET 3.0 (which includes “Cider” designer)

WPF @ TechEd

We’ve got a great presence at TechEd Boston. some of the WPF product team members