TechEd Orlando

I’ve landed in Orlando for the dev week of TechEd 2008!  And it’s raining.  (Seattle weather haunts me.)

Anyways, for those of you in Orlando, I’ll be giving two talks on the Silverlight Control Model:

WUX206  An Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight Controls Framework
(Wednesday 6/4/2008 2:45PM-4:00PM, Room: S230 A)
This session provides an overview of the Silverlight control model. We look at the fundamentals of how to use Silverlight controls and how to make minor visual customizations to them via Styles. In addition, we explore UserControls and how they make building Silverlight applications easier.

WUX326 Understanding the Microsoft Silverlight Control Skinning Framework
(Friday 6/6/2008 1:00PM-2:15PM, Room: S310 C)
This session provides an in-depth look at the Silverlight control skinning model and explores how to create a control in which visuals can be easily replaced. We’ll talk about ControlTemplate in detail, understanding it from both a designer and developer standpoint. In addition, we discuss how to structure your custom control and templates so that they are toolable with Microsoft Expression Blend.

If you’re familiar with the Silverlight Beta1 control model, then you’re going to be the most interested (and hopefully excited!) about the second talk.  In that one, you’ll learn all about a new feature called VisualStateManager. 

If you just can’t wait till Friday, Christian Schorman has a VisualStateManager sneak peak.


  1. Hi Karen, i’m currently listening on your “Silverlight” controls session on TechEd 2008…was wondering if you could provide me the powerpoint slide and code you’ve used for this session? If it’s ok with you? Thank you…

    God Bless.

    Arthur Ochoa
    from Orange County, CA

  2. i attended your silverlight controls framework what’s-in-your-toolbox session today (great job, by the way) and was wondering if the source of your examples is or will be available. I was told the dvd/cd and available on the web version will only be a video, so I’m hoping there will be some other way of getting the samples (this is the first one I’ve really been interested in).

  3. I will be posting the sample code as soon as Beta2 is out the door!

    (Thanks Michael for the feedback. If you have a specific scenario that you’re blocked on, could you also share it? Thanks!)

  4. I saw beta 2 is out–will we see the samples soon? Or are they already posted and I don’t know where to look?

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