TechEd Samples

Thanks everyone who attended my TechEd talks last week!  As promised, here are the decks and samples from each session.  When the videos get posted, I will add links.  🙂


WUX206: An Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight Controls Framework
(slides, samples)



WUX326: Understanding the Microsoft Silverlight 2 Control Skinning Framework
(slides, samples)


Also, for fun…. I’ve uploaded my WeatherControl sample app to play with!



  1. Awesome presentations, I recommend to anyone that wants to understand the new control skinning framework. I believe seeing the videos is very helpful so you can see step-by-step (slide code) how it all happens.

  2. Hi Sakthi, perhaps I can help. When I clicked on the pptx’s they came down as .zip. I renamed from .zip to .pptx and that worked. As it seems, Office 2007 docs are zipped XML files.

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