Ominous Weather Forecast

All day today, people kept talking about how it was our last day of sun. I was a bit skeptical/naive.  But after checking weather, folks appear to be right…  There was a  “special weather bulletin” for seattle: A significant change to cooler and wetter weather will begin later monday and will continue through at least next weekend… Sigh. 

Seattle Snow

After many flight cancelations, I finally arrived in Southern California yesterday – 48 hours after originally planned. Here are a few (now distant) Seattle snow vistas.

No Longer Giddy About the Snow

So it turns out… snow can be a pain in the ass. On Thursday, when the snow started, I was really excited. It was beautiful, seeing the city coated in a blanket of white. However, 3 days of being really cold, falling down a lot, and not easily getting where you want to go… is starting to aggravate me. Tomorrow, I fly down to Southern California for Christmas. Or, at least, I’m going to try to. The weather people have 40 more hours of flurries predicted. UPDATED 12/22: Still in Seattle, two canceled flights later… Hoping I actually make it …

Global Warming (aka Snow Day in Seattle)

This morning, I woke up to a snowy Pike Place Market. We’ve been hearing snow warnings all week. Yesterday, all the schools were closed and most of Microsoft stayed home. But there wasn’t any snow. Today, the snow finally arrived! It’s still coming down hard, with really big flakes. And it’s sticking – which normally doesn’t happen downtown. As a Southern Californian girl, I’m totally snow giddy. 🙂 Here’s a cameraphone photo of me at Pike Place Photos from my “big” camera coming soon.