No Longer Giddy About the Snow

So it turns out… snow can be a pain in the ass.

On Thursday, when the snow started, I was really excited. It was beautiful, seeing the city coated in a blanket of white.

However, 3 days of being really cold, falling down a lot, and not easily getting where you want to go… is starting to aggravate me.

Tomorrow, I fly down to Southern California for Christmas. Or, at least, I’m going to try to. The weather people have 40 more hours of flurries predicted.

UPDATED 12/22: Still in Seattle, two canceled flights later… Hoping I actually make it out tomorrow. 🙁

I have a feeling the airport tomorrow is going to be a real headache.

Snowy Sculpture Park
Snowy Olympic Sculpture Garden, from my cameraphone. (Pictures from my big camera coming soon.)

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