Global Warming (aka Snow Day in Seattle)

This morning, I woke up to a snowy Pike Place Market.

We’ve been hearing snow warnings all week. Yesterday, all the schools were closed and most of Microsoft stayed home. But there wasn’t any snow.

Today, the snow finally arrived! It’s still coming down hard, with really big flakes. And it’s sticking – which normally doesn’t happen downtown.

As a Southern Californian girl, I’m totally snow giddy. 🙂

Here’s a cameraphone photo of me at Pike Place Photos from my “big” camera coming soon.

Karen, in Snow Pike Place Market


  1. Holy cow, just looked at the weather map and looks like you guys are gonne get a bunch of snow!

    No more Farmer’s Market for you Karen, at least not for a few days!
    Did you get over your cold?

    Take care!

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