Appreciating “Digital” Retouching

I took these photos on one of my favorite hikes ever: Oyster Dome in the Chuckanut Mountains last April. My friend Archana and I caught one of the first sunny spring days. As you can see, there were some amazing views of the San Juan islands.

I remember being somewhat heartbroken when I picked up the prints.  I hadn’t meant to do a silhouette (although I like it more now). And, the sunspot in the middle of the frame *killed* me.

But last night, I took out the sunspot, blended away the negative scratches… and lighted the tone a bit.  It was pretty cool.  Now, if only Nikon had an (affordable) full frame digital SLR…

scanned image, pre-photoshop


scanned image, post-photoshop for scratches & sunspot.


scanned image, post-photoshop for backlighting.

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  1. Hi Karen,

    I am Andy’s colleague (you talked to him yesterday), from Switzerland. I just spent the last 30 minutes re-reading your blog (it’s one of my references since we started studying WPF) and really had a great time.

    I am not as good a photographer as you are, but you might enjoy my PhotoAlbum anyway. I think you are the same kind of traveler as I am.

    Actually, I have a few things I’d like to talk with you about. Not only WPF. Would you accept to chat through email or Live Messenger?


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