Cuy (AKA Eating Your Pets)

Well, not actually your pets….  “Cuy” is spanish for guinea pig, which is a high delicacy of highland cuisine.  There are two standard ways of getting it:  “al horno” which is backed and “frito” which is fried.  We had it fried.

To play with the delicate palettes of the foreigners, they bring out the cuy… whole.  I had been okay with the idea of eating guinea pig (“Hey, I’ll try it.  It’ll probably taste like chicken.”)  I just wasn’t expecting to see, well, all of it.  It’s a similar issue that I have with fish.  I don’t want to see my meat look like, well, a dead animal.  (I know, I get the irony.)

There’s a photo before this that didn’t turn out.  Let’s just say it was the cuy & me… and my eyes are close and I have a look of dread on my face.

About 5 minutes later, they took it back to the kitchen and cut it for us.  And, removed the head from the plate.  🙂



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